What Guys Want But Won’t Ask For

Men aren’t always the best at communicating—he may not always be aware of what it is he needs until he gets it.

Not every man needs every one of the below mentioned things, but most men need most of them. Hopefully he communicates his needs to you, but if he hasn’t, there’s always a reason. Maybe he’s afraid of the reaction or thinks he shouldn’t have to.

If he hasn’t told you yet, here are a few things men want but won’t ask for:

• He wants love, care, and understanding just as you do.

Just like women, men also crave love, care, and attention. They want you to love them unconditionally and care for their needs, understand their situations, and just give them your support. 

Love your man the way you want to be loved.

Men are emotional beings, and when they are not able to handle it, they generally get irritated. That’s when you shower them with the most love and affection.

• He needs some alone time.

Men don’t operate like women. The male brain is more linear, and they tend to get exhausted faster and much more easily.

When he gets home, he might need an hour or so to recharge. Relish in this opportunity to give yourself some alone time too! 

When he’s overwhelmed or stressed, he will probably prefer to work on it internally, so give him the space to do this. Don’t take it personally and turn it into a relationship problem.

• He wants to be prioritized.

Men are actually quite emotional. Their main problem is that they can’t show their sensitive side easily. They never say it, but all of them want to be the first one on your mind, before any friend, children, or family.

It takes men a great deal of courage and deep touch with their emotions to make them more expressive. Thus, men want their partners to understand their needs and make it a priority.

• He wants to be appreciated more often.

Men need this more than anything else—appreciation is like oxygen to a man. Without it, he will not be happy and will not survive in the relationship.

One way to appreciate him is to speak his love language. Understand what he leans more toward – words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, gifts, or acts of service. 

Pay attention to what makes him feel good, what makes him feel loved, and do more of that!

• He wants to be heard, and not just listened to.

It’s often hard for men to express their emotions and needs. If you don’t listen, it’s harder for him to communicate with you.

This isn’t necessarily about listening to or taking his opinions, though that’s important. It’s more about letting him express his emotions (anger, fear, and sadness included), without invalidating or dismissing them.

• He likes to be teased sometimes.

There is a certain amount of playfulness that guys love in a relationship. This doesn’t mean you should constantly take jabs at him, but keeping him on his toes by challenging him will create a fun dynamic you can both participate in.

Men like to be challenged and they love a woman who takes the lead.

• He wants you to love his family.

His family is important to him and he doesn’t want to be in the position to choose between you and them. He cares about you both and doesn’t want to put you in the position of liking someone you don’t like.

Unless he’s completely aware of his family’s toxicity and doesn’t want anything to do with them, he needs you to get along with them — even if you’re just faking it.

• He wants you to maintain your independence.

Men love women who do not put their dreams on hold. They have loved strong women for a long time and that is by far something they want in a relationship, a woman with passion or drive to chase her dreams.

They desire you more when you are out doing what you love. If growing in your career is your passion, don’t hold back. When you are following your love for your work, your man will respect you even more.

• He wants more cuddle time with you.

Guys may not come right out and ask you for more cuddling time even if they need it. Feeling close to their partners is important to them but they don’t want to come across as needy.

Some people crave physical touching while others feel closeness in other ways. If you can establish a balance of what works for you, neither of you will feel deprived.

A couple snuggles on the sofa while watching Netlix

• He wants to feel necessary and useful to you.

You can still be a self-sufficient, strong, confident, independent woman. It is not weak to need a man. However, men want you to accept their help. They want to feel strong and helpful to you.

Let him do things for you. Let him share things with you that enhance your life in some way. 

Maybe this will be something physical like helping you rearrange your furniture or something technical like setting up a gadget for you or something emotional or practical like giving you advice.

Men want to feel useful and necessary, and you can give that gift to them.

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