Toxic Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

This can end up being unsettling for some, but facts just cannot be changed. 

The truth is, we all come with personality defects, and those traits are more than likely as a result of where the planets were at the time of our birth. So, you’re not 100 percent responsible for being flawed; you’re simply a victim of your zodiac sign.

Let’s just cut to the chase and give you the cold hard facts about the toxic traits of each zodiac sign.


As an Aries, you’re the most determined sign of the zodiac, and you wouldn’t hesitate to walk all over anyone to get where you want to go. What’s wrong with you is that you really do think you’re right — no questions asked.

You get overly defensive whenever anyone calls you out on your shit, and you just cannot take responsibility for your actions.


Taureans are downright obnoxious. You are stubborn and have a huge ego. You never really think you are wrong, and the unwillingness to change your mind can unnerve others.

You also have a hard time trusting others, which end up making you suspicious and snoopy all the time.


Geminis are very fickle minded. It may seem that you are sure about something one moment, and the immediate next, you’ll find yourself second guessing their decision.

You also have a gift for communication, which helps you convincingly spin the truth to serve you brownie points.


Cancers are highly emotionally intelligent creatures, which make them the perfect emotional manipulators

As a Cancerian, you know exactly what makes you tick, and you’ll hold it hostage to get the care and attention you need to feel secure.

You know how to guilt trip everyone and make them feel bad for you. You really need to learn how to accept no as an answer without throwing yourself a pity party.


Leos are huge narcissists. You always have a thirst for attention that is never quenched. You’re a show off that has a reputation for loving the spotlight and hogging the limelight yourself.

You need to learn how to compromise with others instead of insisting you know better than them.


Being a Virgo, you are very judgmental. You isolate and exclude everyone in your life, and sooner or later, even the ones who love and adore you eventually get wind of who you really are and they just go sour on you.

Stop shutting down and withdrawing from people. You need to learn how to communicate better instead of cutting others out the first chance you get.


Libras don’t like to get their hands dirty. They much prefer to outsource their aggression, and don’t confront issues and disagreements directly

You’ll flee the scene to get away from conflict. You never say what’s on your mind, and often keep others guessing.


As a Scorpio, you demand total trust without easily trusting others. You expect everyone to trust you, but you have a hard time doing the same yourself. 

You come up with excuses for the way you act or react, but it isn’t okay for others to do the same (hypocritical much?).

And you cannot change it, at all – no matter how much you try. You’re stuck in your ways.


Sagittarians feel like they’re better than everyone else. You constantly compete with everyone and cannot bear coming second or third – it wounds your ego.

Moreover, you need to learn how to appreciate differences instead of judging them.


Capricorns only care about themselves. You easily discard friendships once they’ve outlived their usefulness. And if you’re called out, you take no accountability and instead gaslight others into thinking you were never close to begin with.

Honestly, you have a mean-spirited vengeance fantasy that seems to power your newly released emotional build-up.


Aquarians take more than they give. You lack empathy for those who have failed to create an impression on you, and don’t mind leaving people who don’t serve you any good.

You’d rather take from whatever source possible, than value it in the long run.


Pisceans know how to play the victim very well, and don’t hesitate in doing so at any given chance. You will agree with what is being said, only to disagree with it later in the name of ‘doing you a favor’, and hold it over others heads.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else is going through or what’s fair—in your view, you are the only victim.


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