Strengths And Weaknesses Of Each Zodiac Sign

Each of the 12 zodiac signs has its own unique qualities. Check out the strengths and weakness of your zodiac sign here.



Aries are naturally motivated and headstrong when it comes to chasing after their dreams

They are known to venture out and are go-getter types, often leading the way. They exhume confidence that attracts others. They are passionate and are known to have a child-like personality.


Aries have the tendency to be very short-tempered. They can get childish or moody easily, thus getting into silly arguments

They often let their emotions get the best of them, and end up acting on impulse rather than reason.



The great strength of Taurus lies in their stability, loyalty and reliable nature. They are known to provide comfort and be a great shoulder to lean on

Although they value harmony in their personal lives, practicality is a huge factor they tend to follow.


A Taurus can, sometimes, find it difficult to compromise with others

They may be stubborn to sudden changes or complications of any kind. They can get obsessed or attached to a person, and may have a difficult time letting go of that, thus being termed as possessive.



Geminis are extremely affectionate. They are sociable, communicative and ready for fun.

Due to their curious nature, they have an ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas effortlessly. 

They are expressive, witty and do not get intimidated easily.


The curious nature of Geminis also prove to be their weakness, since they aren’t always able to make up their mind. 

They tend to be very finicky and indecisive. They are all over the place with their emotions, ideas, and thoughts, which makes it difficult for others to take them seriously.



Cancerians are deeply intuitive, emotional and sentimental

Their emotions and intuition always overrule their logic and intellect. Feelings matter more to them than practical facts. 

They are compassionate and extremely protective of their loved ones. They easily sympathize with others. 

Due to their emotional intelligence, people trust them for advice and support.


As cancerians are all about their emotions, they often let their feelings get the best of them. They are hypersensitive and pessimistic

They let their insecurities get to their head, thus affecting their behaviour negatively. Their mood can change completely in a matter of an instant, so it’s hard for others to know what exactly they might be feeling.



Leos are born leaders

They are meant to stand out from the crowd and shine brighter than the rest. They are creative, self-confident, difficult to resist and are able to achieve anything they want to in any area of life they commit to. They are social butterflies and act like an energy magnet for other people.


A leo can come across as being arrogant to others, sometimes even self-centered or egotistical. 

They are dramatic and domineering. Since they like doing and having things done their own way, they face trouble being flexible and are unable to adjust to the needs of others.



Virgo is one of the known hard working signs of the Zodiac

They are truly interested in understanding things and have a critical eye for detail. They are rational and use their practicality to their advantage whenever possible. They are grounded, humble and very care giving.


Virgos are overly critical of themselves and of others

They end up judging one based on every little thing possibly gone wrong. They worry too much about what people think, and let those thoughts decide their actions.



A Libra is everyone’s best friend. People are drawn to their happy personality and comforting nature.

They are known to be peaceful and fair, and possess excellent instincts. They are social, lovable and know how to create a harmonious environment.


Libras are totally non-confrontational

They hate confronting others and hate being confronted. As a result, they end up sweeping things under the rug and hold a grudge against it, unintentionally. 

They are very indecisive and would rather just go with someone else’s decision than make their own.



Scorpios value loyalty and respect a lot. 

They are extremely passionate, protective, powerful and charismatic. Others find it easier to go to a Scorpio when they’re in need of emotional support.


The main weakness of a Scorpio is that they tend to be very jealous and suspicious

They tend to question ones motives. They have a jealous streak, which causes a tremendous amount of self-loathing. 

Scorpios are also short-tempered and lose their cool attitude very quickly.



The essence of Sagittarius energy is inspiring, optimistic and enthusiastic

They love making other people happy and keeping them in good spirits. They have a great sense of humour, and can be a total goofball at times.


A Sagittarius can be argumentative, reckless and often impatient

They tend to promise others more than they can really deliver. They are also known to say anything, no matter how undiplomatic. 

Sags are also nosy and overly energetic that bug others.



The great strengths of a Capricorn-born are their willingness to work hard and their determination to succeed

They are self-motivated, honest and are known for being the responsible one that always does the right thing, no matter the given circumstances.


The weaknesses of a Capricorn include being a bit stubborn and headstrong. Due to that, they come across as being a ‘know-it-all’. 

This gives others a negative impression of who they really are, and forces them to believe that they’re condescending and arrogant.



An Aquarius is an independent soul

They are sensitive, emotionally wise and have a light-hearted approach to things. They are very observant and gather information objectively because they don’t let their emotions get in the way. They are known to be straightforward, fun-loving and always full of excitement.


An Aquarius tends to act as if they have no inner-feelings and put up a wall of their own. 

They find it hard to show any signs of weakness, and often come across as being emotionless. They can also be unpredictable and prone to hasty bursts, temper-wise.



Pisces are known for their intuitive side more than most zodiac signs. 

They are highly emotional, sensitive and tend to be very selfless. They are an extremely positive spirit to be around and are often in tune with the emotions of others around them.


Pisces find it hard to trust, not only other people, but themselves too. 

To protect themselves, Pisceans can withdraw from social interaction and become reclusive. Additionally, their desire to escape when the going gets rough makes real communication difficult. 

As a Pisces, they also do tend to play the victim sometimes.

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