Stereotypes and Truths of Each Zodiac Sign

Human nature is known for judging people on the basis of outward appearances. 

They say that don’t judge a book by its cover, but that is exactly what most people end up doing. And when we talk about zodiac signs, it can seem like we’re making nothing but generalizations.

There are certain stereotypes about every sign. This is because each sign generally has a few core traits that really shine through. 

But our personalities are multifaceted, and as human beings, we’re growing and changing throughout our lives.

Here is a stereotype of each zodiac sign, followed up with the actual truth.


Stereotype: You are a hothead with no impulse control and a temper to boot.

Truth: You have a confident exterior, but that does not mean they never feel insecure on the inside. You are competitive at heart. Your chilled out vibes turn into a passionate fire whenever you are challenged and nothing can hold you back when you set your eyes on a goal.


Stereotype: You are very lazy.

Truth: Your energy is certainly more relaxed than any other zodiac sign. You enjoy the finer things in life, and you always work hard for anything you want.


Stereotype: You are two-faced and unreliable.

Truth: What many people see as being fake or two-faced is actually a Gemini demonstrating their amazing ability to adapt. They have the unique capability to assess the situation they’re in and adapt to fit in and thrive.


Stereotype: You’re moody, whiny and you never seem to stop crying.

Truth: You’re deeply in touch with your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others around you. You have high emotional intelligence, and are actually more in control of your outward emoting than stereotypes let on.


Stereotype: You’re too egotistic and conceited.

Truth: You enjoy a bit of time in the spotlight, but there’s no shame in that. You are the most determined of all the signs and are actually very caring.


Stereotype: You are a control freak.

Truth: You’re analytical, and at times might be a bit hard on yourself, but that doesn’t mean you try to control everyone in your path. You just like things the way you like them.


Stereotype: You’re indecisive.

Truth: You carefully weigh things out in your mind. You’re in a near-constant state of deliberation. This is because your curious mind longs to see every side of every story.


Stereotype: You’re jealous and obsessive.

Truth: You feel things very deeply. It takes a while for you to trust someone, but when you do, you do so with your whole heart and expect the same in return. That isn’t obsession or jealousy. That’s passion.


Stereotype: You have commitment issues.

Truth: You love people, and are very generous with your time and energy. But you also love your freedom, and the thrill you get from exploring new places and ideas. You just need to find your people—the ones who can appreciate both.


Stereotype: You are emotionless.

Truth: You may be introverted and reserved, but that doesn’t mean you have no feelings. The fact that you don’t share every emotion with the world as it’s happening doesn’t mean you’re cold or stuck up. You just like your privacy.


Stereotype: You’re cold and don’t care about others.

Truth: You are not distant, you’re just independent. You’re self sufficient and a free spirit. You just don’t love delving into the sticky, uncomfortable intimacy of your feelings—especially in one-on-one situations.


Stereotype: You’re flaky.

Truth: You’re often in your own little dream world, and sometimes you like it better in there. But just because you enjoy your fantasized view of the world, doesn’t mean you aren’t a loyal flesh and blood human. You love with your whole heart, and are the first to show up for a friend in a crisis.


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