Signs You Have Found The One

Is there someone whom you are seeing at the moment? Are you wondering if they are ‘the one’ for you? It can be tricky to know if someone is actually the one for you while you’re on your journey of love.

Fairytales and rom-coms tell you that we’re supposed to ‘click’ with our partner. But that isn’t always the case. 

relationship requires commitment and an open mind to grow and develop together, in order to be ‘the one’ to someone, or call someone ‘the one’ for you.

The following signs aren’t set in stone, but they are common hints that you’ve met someone you connect with and have the potential to discover a deeper bond with them.

Their presence makes everything better

Whether you’re sad or distressed, their presence makes everything better

They will ease or erase all of the pain you’ve gone through all day, and make you realize just how lucky you are.

Even when you’re bored or doing nothing, you are content in just having them around you. 

You are excited to see them more often because they lighten your heart and mind, and that’s a sign of a true soul mate.

You trust each other

Trust is huge in a relationship, and that never changes—in fact, it only becomes more important the longer you stay together.

Building a level of trust with your partner a good sign for the relationship. If you constantly doubt each other over small things, it’s going to very hard to trust them in the long run.

You can be yourself with them

With the right one, you don’t have to fear being judged by them. You can be your raw, authentic self without worrying about what they might think or how they’ll react, for they will love you anyway.

You won’t feel the pressure to be perfect 24/7. You will feel comfortable to be yourself and feel accepted and loved, without any pretense. 

There’s freedom of speech and expression, but above all, you just don’t have to think twice for anything.

You both manage to resolve conflict together

We’re only human, and its natural to make mistakes or have an argument. A true sign of a lasting relationship isn’t one with lack of arguments, but it’s knowing how to resolve those clashes.

The difference between a failed relationship and your forever relationship is how you handle conflict together. When you’ve found the one, you don’t care about who’s right or wrong in an argument; you just want to improve your relationship. 

You and your partner should be able to admit faults, apologize, forgive and move forward.

On the other hand, one who threatens to leave or is adamant on being right so you have to apologise, can get toxic and probably isn’t the right one for you.

You support each other unconditionally

‘The One’ should be strong enough to be there for you when things go wrong—and should also be strong enough to come to you when they need support, too.

You should be able to lean on each other for comfort and support. Being vulnerable in front of each other paves the way to a deeper connection

If you or your partner are hostile and constantly have your emotional guards up, it will become difficult for your relationship to sustain.

There’s affection and a lot of love

Above everything, there should be an abundance of love and affection. You should feel loved, and love your partner in the same manner.

Sweet compliments, physical touch, hugs and kisses complement the relationship even more.

There should be an equal effort from both sides to understand each other’s fears, love language and needs.

They make you laugh

You know you have found the one when they can make you laugh and giggle like no other. Basically, they should be your own personal clown.

Humor is a great way to be able to step outside yourself and see things with a greater, fresher perspective—and anyone who can help you do that is a keeper. 

You have a completely different sense of humor when you’re around the one you love

You can make the corniest, silliest jokes possible, and know that you’ll both crack up about it.

Someone who makes you laugh, who brings out this lively side of you – now that’s the one.

A cute clown plush toy leaning against a desk

You accept each other’s flaws

There’s a difference between ignoring someone’s shortcomings because you like them and seeing their flaws and loving them anyway.

However your partner is, or however you are – there is acceptance. You don’t try to change each other or force your habits on each other. You don’t hold any weakness against each other, but rather work on bettering it.

Even if you get peeved about the small things like the way they fold their clothes (or don’t), or that they bite their nails, you don’t shun them or decide to leave them.

You have plans together for the future

Where you’ll live, whether you’ll get married and/or have kids, how often you’ll travel—all of these topics are things you discuss and plan for your relationship to work out for the long haul.

When you’re with the one, you have a shared vision for the future and are on the same page about goals and dreams

You can picture your lives unfolding together in every aspect.


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