Perks of Dating an Extrovert

Extroverts are often regarded as the life of any event. Their flamboyant, outgoing persona immediately makes them the center of attention everywhere they go.

And life without extroverts would certainly be boring. Being in a relationship with an extrovert comes with its perks. Here’s a list of perks of being involved with an extrovert (Introvert).

Extroverts are easy communicators.

Extroverts love speaking – it’s a fact. They get energized by speaking.

If you are a shy person, having a conversation with an extrovert can be just what you need since they will not only initiate the conversation, but also keep it going. 

They know how to keep things interesting. There’ll always be something or the other for them to pick up and rant on.

Extroverts will keep you entertained.

Extroverts just aren’t the type to sit at home if there’s fun to be had elsewhere. They are always enthused and lively, ever ready to do something fun.

An extrovert’s idea of fun is always wanting to go out and be around people. They will always have some place or the other where they want to go and they will drag you there with them. 

And their dynamic personality is what makes them the life of every party. So being with an extrovert will never pave way for a dull moment in your relationship.

Extroverts push you out of your comfort zone.

Extroverts will break open your shell and nudge you to live a little freely. They try their best to push you out of your little bubble of comfort. They push you to get into situations you would never be in without them.

But this is a good thing, because it will give you a chance to live a life outside your normal routine. You do exciting things, meet new people and become a more social person in general. This enforces the bond you share with your extrovert partner.

Extroverts make things happen.

Extroverts turn ideas into reality. They don’t wait around for the right time or the right moment. They are spontaneous and that’s the best thing about them. You might second guess yourself and postpone plans, but an extrovert won’t.

If there’s something you have always wanted to do, your extrovert partner will make sure it’s done, at any cost. Extroverts don’t keep waiting, they do as they wish and this could actually help you achieve some of those dreams you’ve put on hold.

A graffiti on the wall where it says "1,2,3 let's go".

Extroverts are an open book.

Extroverts are vocal and expressive. If they want to say something, they say it. They will not give you subtle hints or anything. They speak their mind.

So, when something is wrong, they will be upfront and tell you about it. You won’t have to guess or question anything. You will never have to wonder what they are up to or what their intentions are. Just observe or ask – they’ll tell you.

Extroverts are adaptable.

Due to their personalities, extroverts are free-going and adaptable. They go with the flow and will adjust easily to whatever the situation calls for.

They are quick to assess the situation and make the best out of it. They won’t hesitate in coming up with new plans or ideas on the spot either.

Extroverts love trying new things.

Extroverts are all about experiencing different things in life. They do not want to miss out on anything. Their focus is on stimulating and exciting activities. Whether it’s trying out new cuisines or going rock climbing – they want to do it all.

Moreover, they will involve you in the plan too just because they want the experience to be shared and for it to be memorable.

Extroverts love physical connection.

Extroverts love physical contact. Touching, holding hands, hugging – it all comes very naturally and instinctively to them.

They never shy away from expressing their love physically, regardless of their surroundings. This leads to an amazing connection between you two which in turn leads to a long-lasting and healthy relationship.


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