Movies to Watch If You’re Sad

When you’re fighting your mood, ruminating thoughts and feeling hopeless, sometimes all you want to do is crawl into bed and watch a good movie. 

The problem is, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to watch when you’re feeling depressed. But worry not, for this article has got you covered. 

We have researched all over to compile a list of the best movies you can watch when you’re going through a hard time.


It’s hard to go wrong with a Disney film when you need a little emotional pick-me-up. This 1992 classic tale of sand, sorcery, and a street-rat’s rise to fame is hands down one of the best the studio has to offer.

The movie is funny, adorable and its thrilling adventure story perfectly blends magic and music together into an unforgettable tale. This one is sure to enliven your mood.


Ghostbusters is an all-time classic that anyone would love. It is sure to mark the beginning of your obsession with all things weird & supernatural, & of course, New York City!

If you haven’t seen Ghostbusters before, this is your sign to watch it ASAP! This is one movie which has stood the test of time, & is just as good today as it was in 1984!


Frozen is a gorgeously animated tale featuring a beautiful story of love, strong characters and wonderful music. It’s a film that appeals to all ages, and anyone who sees this movie will leave the room with a lighter heart.

The movie is quite poignant in nature, especially with its surprising non-stereotypical ending. The songs are immensely loved as well, and play an amazing role in withholding the plotline.

Frozen movie

Ocean’s Eleven

If it’s a movie to take your mind off of everything that you’re looking for, look no further than Ocean’s Eleven. The cast is phenomenal, but Soderbergh’s narrative choices make the film a joy to watch, keeping the audience on its toes until the final reveal.

Even when you know the outcome or have watched the film before, you still enjoy it entirely with its comedic timing keeping you hooked.

Mrs. Doubtfire

This is one of those great movies that grow better over time. Director Chris Columbus uses the hilarious Robin Williams to his fullest. Williams clowns around, talks a mile a minute, drops pop culture references, and does vocal impersonations impressively.

The movie covers some serious separation issues while keeping it light and humorous. This one movie is sure to make you feel relaxed by the end of it.


Amélie is a French film that’s set in Paris. However, this is one movie that we must insist you see, even if you don’t usually enjoy subtitled films.

It’s a great movie that is visually arresting. The magic of this movie is in how it defines us not by what we buy or what we consume but by what we do.

Set It Up

If you’re looking for a charming romantic comedy, but don’t want to re-watch something from a previous decade for the umpteenth time, you should definitely give director Claire Scanlon’s charming Set It Up a look.

Although the movie goes exactly where you’d expect, it still feels fresh enough. This is a pleasant-enough, diverting comedy that will most likely appeal to romantic comedy fans.


There’s nothing subtle about Matilda’s positive message. Danny DeVito’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s classic is a film that celebrates the kind, the creative, and the underdogs without reserve.

Matilda is 100% pure in its pursuit to celebrate the best of humanity, invite the audience to embrace their own peculiar magic, and demonstrate that the power of kindness ensures the good always overcomes the bad.

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