Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert Based on Your Zodiac?

You might know which category you fall into — whether you’re more extroverted, introverted, or maybe even ambiverted — but in case you don’t, you can get a hint by looking at your star sign.

The zodiac can predict how certain signs will behave, so you might as well see what it says about you and those around you

Here’s the breakdown of what your zodiac sign has to say.


Aries is one of the biggest extroverts you will come across. They are adventurous, outgoing and are often the center of attention

Their free spirit makes them likeable and people get along very easily with them. Being the ‘popular’ kind, their personality raises cheers from everyone even if they are late to any party or meeting.


A Taurus is quiet and low-key. They are introverts as they are more comfortable being on their own.

They can be really funny and silly in their own circles, but they’d rather enjoy doing things at their own pace, on their own time. They don’t like being bothered and avoid public conversations.


Geminis are huge ambiverts. They’re fun, social and love to party. They’re the type that will be the first to show up and the last to leave, but then you won’t hear from them for a full week.

They’re a great conversationalist, but will never talk about their emotions or what’s really going on.


Cancerians are often viewed as introverts. However, they are considered to be true ambiverts. They are shy and often keep to themselves. But they’re also extremely outgoing and fun. 

A cancer just needs a LOT of time to recharge on their own before they are ready to step out. And once they’re done unwinding, they enjoy any outing to the fullest.


Like their symbol ‘Lion’, Leo’s are a roaring extrovert. In fact, being extroverted is an understatement to them. They know how to enjoy life, are loud and very expressive. 

They love to be the center of attention everywhere, and there’s nothing a Leo wouldn’t say or do for the right kind of attention.


Virgos come in both flavors, as in they show qualities of an introvert and an extrovert. Hence, they are an ambivert. They are often quiet, analyzing everything and everyone around them. 

But, depending on their mood, they can also be fun and social. They could either be the first to leave the party, or won’t stop partying until they’ve had the time of their life.


A Libra is a social butterfly. They blossom in social settings. They’re enthusiastic and can rule the stage when they’re in the spotlight. 

Libras are very discreet with their emotions, as in they keep their cool and make sure all is balanced and peachy — even if they’re secretly dying inside.


Scorpios are said to be extroverts due to their robust personality. They enjoy a calm, social setting and love to carry a conversation that interests them. 

However, they guard their secrets with their life, and you would never find them talking about how they feel. Although vibrant and charismatic, they tend to burn out easily if things don’t go as per their way.


Sagittarians are an extrovert. They’re wild, unbound and enjoy crazy adventures. Their witty and happy go lucky nature makes them very easy to talk to. 

This sign is the get-up-and-go type, where they live one day at a time and with no regrets. They have no filter on their mouth or mind, and do what pleases their heart most of the times.


Capricorns are introverts. They are focused and determined, and they prefer to keep to themselves.

They’ll allow a few people into their life, but will hardly ever let anyone all the way in. It’s not like they aren’t social at all. But if given the choice, they’d rather opt for coffee at an all-night diner with a couple friends or, even better, a night at home with a good book.


An Aquarius is a big-time introvert. Don’t expect them to open up emotionally, because they do not like sharing their feelings at all. 

They don’t need anyone to keep them entertained, but that doesn’t mean they are anti-social. They’re quite friendly to people who can relate to them and their level of intellect.


Pisceans are creative introverts. They are in a world of their own, creating scenarios in their mind. They would rather speak and indulge with a few people, rather than sharing everything with everyone. 

They are also selective in what they share, not only who and how they share with.

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