How To Be Independent In Life

We all are dependent on someone or the other in our lives. It’s natural and there’s nothing wrong in it either. But when you constantly lean on people around you, you let others shape your beliefs and decisions — so much so that you may lose sight of who you are.

You need to be the owner of your life and own your own reality, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, opinions. And for that, you need to be confident in yourself. Being independent isn’t a cakewalk. 

However, you can follow these few tips we have compiled so that you at least begin leading upto your higher individual self.

Spend some time reflecting upon yourself.

Self-reflection is a skill that requires a lot of practice. You can’t truly be independent until you know who your independent self is. You need to be brutally honest with yourself. 

Be honest about your shortcomings. This isn’t a major newsflash – we know it already. None of us are perfect, and neither are we meant to be.

This would give you an insight about where you really lack and what you should begin working on.

Set some boundaries.

Being assertive is a must-have skill when it comes to being independent. You have to be assertive and set healthy boundaries, so as to not let people walk all over you.

Learning to say no and being clear about your needs and feelings is the beginning of it. It also means respecting yourself and respecting others.

Understand your own wants and needs.

We all have needs. And understanding your own wants and needs is a powerful thing. It allows you to form the foundation for becoming more assertive

If you know what you want and need, you know then that you can be assertive in asking for them and confident in making them happen.

Ask yourself – What is it that you truly want? What makes you happy? What do you need to get by each day? This should help you visualize your goals and live up to it.

Make your own decisions.

As you become more and more comfortable in your independence, it becomes important to exercise your freedom. It’s in exercising your freedoms that they become stronger.

Making decisions yourself is the easiest way to exercise your freedoms. By deciding, you’re creating your path, your way. You aren’t relying on anyone else and are being firm on what you want. 

Hence, start deciding what you want and learn to get it.

Prioritize yourself.

Making yourself a priority is so important. When was the last time you did something just for yourself?You cannot take care of someone else if you don’t take care of yourself first

Running yourself into the ground and not making yourself a priority can have negative impacts on your physical and mental health. 

Understanding the importance of making yourself a priority will allow you to grow your independence even further, where you don’t need someone else to put you first because you are capable of making yourself a priority and you know you can make yourself happy and satisfy your own wants, needs and desires.

Take more risks and chances.

The only way you can survive independently is to take chances. Even if you have the best plans in the world, there will always be someone ready, willing and able to stop you.

You’d be naïve to think you’re the one exception, so be willing to take risks. When these risks pay off, you’ll be a success, and if they fail, you at least have a great story.

Learn to forgive yourself.

Forgiveness is important for independence because it can help you allow to take back control over how you feel and stops others from being able to make you feel certain ways.

Forgiveness is not an external act; it is completely internal. You never need to tell anyone if you have forgiven them or not. It is saying that you’re no longer going to allow that behavior, that action or that incident have a negative impact on you. It is allowing yourself to move on from that moment. 

And it is one of the most essential things you can do to becoming independent.

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