How To Be a Good Content Creator on Instagram

Whether you’re a singer, dancer, writer, blogger, influencer or a superior in any other industry, you need to follow the basics in order to be known and recognized for what you do.

It requires knowledge before skill, and a lot of effort. No one becomes famous overnight. There is always months and years of hard work behind them that ends up being acknowledged.

We have researched and compiled a few pointers that could help you if you’re just starting out, or are probably stuck with your page.

Understand your skill set

Ask yourself what is it that you want to showcase to the world. Is it your art, your humor, your fashion sense? If you like reading, you can be a book reviewer. 

But if you like baking too, you can’t portray yourself to be a book reviewer and a baker, because you’ll just end up mixing your posts and it will end up looking odd. 

Instead, evaluate what you enjoy more and then go for that option.

Research what would work best, and experiment with different formats. Once you are aware of where your talent lies, it’ll be easier for you to work on it and develop better in what you already know.

Be different

There are and will be people who already are doing the same thing as you. So, you should aim to be different than them. Stand out from the crowd by offering another perspective or approach to common things.

Create a theme or unique voice that can be differentiated from others. It can be in the form of what you post, the filter (or preset) you use for your photos, etc. Explore ideas that could benefit you.

Similarly, avoid mistakes that are probably prominent on other pages. Be sensible enough to adopt the right changes, and discard the unwanted ones.

Think about things differently

Identify your target audience

Your audience is what is going to help you in the long run. Every industry has its own audience.

You need to understand what your audience likes, how they react to something you post, and how likely they are to share it with others.

If you post something that your followers might not like, they’ll just scroll past by it, hence making you lose the chance to be heard or shared.

For example, if you are a writer, you need to target an audience between 15-30 years, because they are the ones who are more likely to relate to your words and sentiments.

Be aware of new trends

It’s important to stay up to date with new trends that are constantly changing on the platform. There are different trends that, when followed, can easily help one reach higher and elevate themselves from the rest.

If you stick to something that is already done, and isn’t in trend, you’ll just end up falling at the back of the pack. Remember, always strike when the iron is hot.

Post quality content

Don’t post anything just for the sake of posting it. Everyone on the internet is smart enough to understand the difference between a quality post and a namesake post.

Crisp, clear photos and videos are always preferred over pixelated or low-quality ones. So, always make sure you post something that is strong and makes you feel confident about it. The minute you connect with your content, your audience will too.

Be consistent

When you start something, it is extremely crucial to keep at it. You can’t be lazy and take anything for granted. Along with hard work, it is necessary to be consistent with your content. Post 3-4 times a week whilst maintaining a balance in your feed.

If you face a setback one day, don’t let that affect you or give up. Keep going no matter what.

Engage with your audience

Never leave your followers ignored. If you don’t engage with your followers enough, they’ll start to get bored and eventually unfollow you – and you don’t want that.

Rather, hold interactive sessions through your stories for your followers. Reply to your DMs and the comments left on your posts. 

Appreciate your followers whenever you get a chance. Hosting giveaways or competitions is also another way to boost your audience.

Don’t be a copy cat

Copying another creator’s content or style of content is not only degrading, but also unfair. Every creator puts in a lot of hard work to plan and create an idea. 

So, when someone copies that idea, you are stripping off the original creator of the credits they deserve.

Don’t be that person. If you are passionate enough about what you do, then be original and come up with your own ideas and content.

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