Emotionally Intelligent Zodiac Signs

Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ) is the ability to understand your emotions, the emotions of others, and how your feelings can affect those around you.

While certain zodiac signs are definitely at the top of the food chain of emotional intelligence, some fall way, way short. We have ranked the emotionally intelligent zodiac signs from most to least.


The most emotional sign of the zodiac is Pisces. They are highly intuitive, perceptive and can easily put themselves in other people’s shoes to understand what they’re going through. They are extremely sympathetic and emphatic.

Pisces are caring human beings who show interest in the wellbeing of every living soul around them. They love being around others and their sensitive personality has them feeling the pain of others a little too sharply.


The second most emotionally intelligent sign is Cancer. Cancers feel deeply and overthink a lot. On the surface, they look a lot tougher than they really are but in reality, they are highly sensitive, which gets them easily upset.

Cancer is a very introspective sign, often delving deep into their hearts and minds to determine why they feel a certain way or think a certain thought. 

And while that can make them feel insecure, they won’t hesitate in laying themselves down for their loved ones.


Libras are emotionally intelligent, but only in situations when they are able to make a decision. They are always careful when choosing their words in order to not offend anyone

They are constantly looking out for others and can put themselves second in any given situation.

However, Libra isn’t often willing to take a hard look at themselves because they might not like what they see.


Gemini are unable to keep their emotions under control. If they get upset by something, everyone will notice it. Even if they try really hard to hide it, their worry, disappointment, or anger finds its way out.

However, Gemini is very skilled at active listening. They are also capable of reading body language like a book, and will adjust their behavior accordingly, making them a bit more emotionally intelligent than some of the other zodiac signs.


Virgos are highly analytical and less emotional. The analytical mind of Virgo has them searching for the logical and practical over the emotional. In short, they prefer mind and evidence over the heart.

That being said, Virgo does possess some emotional intelligence, because they know themselves extremely well – almost to a fault. 

Unfortunately, that results in them beating themselves up and being self-critical.


To be emotionally intelligent, a person has to be able to let go of the past in order to move on to a happier life. And Scorpio stands out from this equation due to their inability to let go.

Scorpios wear their hearts on their sleeves, and are in the constant fear that someone will use their “weakness” against them. 

If it so happens, they hold on to that it as a grudge and seek ways to vent out their annoyance or vengeance.


Capricorns don’t have time for emotions. They are not exactly the person you want to go to when you’re feeling down.

It doesn’t mean that their emotional intelligence is non-existent. They will try and offer solutions, but grow impatient when you don’t take their advice. 

They like to be in control and think things through before diving in, which are a few components of emotional intelligence.


Taurus is a practical sign. They are problem solvers and whenever someone comes to them with a problem, they will definitely do their best to give them a solution.

However, they are unable to put themselves in another’s shoes, and hence tend to give advice regarding their own mindset and viewpoints

And when the advice isn’t followed, they take it personally and shut down.


Emotional intelligence involves self-awareness and recognition of your own weaknesses and strengths; Leos don’t possess that. They are more egoistic than emotionally intelligent

They need to always be in the spotlight and don’t care about what others might think about it.

That being said, they are sensitive and emotional – only towards those who they really care and love. When it comes to other people they don’t care about, they will not move a finger.


It is usually a joy to be around a Sagittarius, but when it comes to emotional intelligence, they’re not exactly high up there. 

They aren’t that emotionally intelligent because they prefer to do things solo and big crowds of people don’t interest them much.

They’re impulsive and usually ignore others feelings. Those born under this sign aren’t stupid when it comes to feelings, they just don’t have – or want to have – the time or energy to devote to them.


The short temper and moody nature of the Aries means that emotional intelligence isn’t really their strong suit. They’re impulsive and never hold back if they have something to say.

Aries love to be leaders and if that means to step over others, they will do so feeling no regrets whatsoever. So, as far as emotional intelligence goes, Aries have none.


On the surface, an Aquarius looks emotionally intelligent. But in reality, they are terrified of emotions.

They are emotionally disabled, and are unable to express themselves emotionally or handle that kind of expression from others. They’d rather choose to express themselves intellectually than touch base with emotions.

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